Garden State Jeeps was founded by a few Jeepers from New Jersey that shared a passion for jeeps and the jeep lifestyle. 

About us

How it began...


The group was created to bring others that share the same interests and passions for jeeps together by organizing camping/off-road trips, meet & greets, wrenchin' parties, and participating in local charity events and fundraisers together AS A GROUP.

If you have a Jeep and want to meet some great people with similar interests and passion for jeeps, please feel free to check us out on our FACEBOOK events page and join us at our next meet & greet or event!

We do not have any membership fees, to join our club simply join our group on Facebook, come out to an event or meet & greet and have a good time!

Check us out on TWITTER, INSTAGRAM, and please feel free to join our FACEBOOK GROUP a well.

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Garden State Jeeps